Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alaska Board of Fisheries Takes up Statewide Finfish Proposals in Anchorage

Starting today (March 16 - 21, 2010), the Alaska Board of Fisheries will focus on 32 statewide finfish proposals, supplemental issues, subsistence finding standards and the Chitina dipnet fishery. Two of the proposals may be of interest to fishermen in Area M:

• 168: Repeal length limit on salmon seine vessels in Alaska
• 174: Amend lawful gear for groundfish

Proposal #168 would repeal the 58-foot limit on the length of vessels in the salmon purse seine fishery. Proposal sponsor Darrell Kapp said because the current law doesn’t limit capacity increases, some fishermen add width and depth as a way to increase vessel capacity for the fishery. Kapp added that even with a bulbous bow, fishermen consumer more fuel than necessary, and the current length restriction produces inefficient vessels.

Proposal #174, sponsored by Aleutians East Borough Mayor and fisherman Stanley Mack, would expand the state waters Pacific cod fishery to include gillnet fishing for small boat fishing. This fishery would be modeled after the Norwegian fishery. Each vessel would be restricted to a total of 200 fathoms of gear.

To listen to the BOF's Live Audio Feed, point your browser to:

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