Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2 of Dec. NPFMC AP meeting

Crazy times at the AP. As we addressed a discussion paper on Chinook salmon bycatch, Julie Bonney testified that we 'thoughtfully' move forward with forming a stakeholder group to create a GOA groundfish Catch Share program. This agenda item was moved two days early, because of NMFS staff schedules. The AP motion, to move down the Gulf Ratz Road, passed 11- 8. I voted with the 'super 8' minority on this. In a more sane afternoon, the AP voted to recommend the Council take final action to approve Adak as a CQE community. APICDA and Akutan Hugh Pelkey also got a win from the AP, which voted to bring back the analysis for 'fish up' in areas 4A & 4B. I voted for both of these motions. For instant updates from the Hilton, listen to the Council online, or check aebfish.org, at the bottom of the page for Facebook updates...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Interim Halibut meeting

The International Pacific Halibut Commission met this week to discuss recommendations for catch limits for 2012 and future research projects . This was the interim meeting; the annual meeting will occur in Anchorage, January 24 - 27. In area 3B the catch is recommended to drop 32% from 7.5 million pounds in 2011 to just over 5 million pounds in 2012. You can find the IPHC recommendations for all areas here.
One research project of note is the Ichthyophonus Prevalence Pilot Study. Ichthyophonus is a internal parasite that can be found in all visceral organs and musculature of infected hosts. It has been isolated from over 80 fish species worldwide, and effects of infection vary greatly among individual and host species. IPHC scientists don't want to speculate, but agree that the parasite COULD be a cause of the low growth of halibut in the Pacific. Initially, the parasite has been found in 26.6% of halibut in the Bering Sea, 33.8% off the Oregon coast, and an alarming 76.7% of the halibut in Prince William Sound.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AEB Gets a Win at the Board of Fish

AEB fishermen got their sought-after language in the adopted Alaska Board of Fisheries motion, which will coordinate the opening of the state Pacific cod fishery with the closure of the soon-to-be implemented gear sector split federal fishery. The Board of Fish meeting began Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011. The Board took action on the South Alaska Peninsula proposals on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011.

Proposal 21, submitted by a group of Sand Point fishermen, requested that the fishery start seven days after the closure of the federal pot cod season or March 1st, whichever is later. Proposal 22 submitted by the King Cove Advisory Committee, asked that the state season start March 15th or seven days after the federal season, whichever comes later. Before the Board of Fish meetings began, the King Cove and Sand Point fishermen groups agreed on a compromise date of March 7th as a date certain to pen the state fishery, or seven days after the closure of the federal pot cod season. The state Pacific cod season will open seven days after the federal season closes, or March 7th, whichever is later.

The Board also formalized the de facto jig allocation to 15% of the quota. The board at first turned down an amendment by Sue Jeffery to institute the 15 % allocation. However, it later became apparent that other sections of the proposed regulation referenced the jig guideline harvest level (GHL), so they needed to specify it. Until now, the regulations have only indicated the pot sector allocation at 85% in the South Alaska Peninsula Pacific cod plan.

Ernie Weiss, Sam Cotten and area fishermen Melvin Larsen, Gary Mack and Raymond Nutt were all at the meetings discussing the issues with Board members and participating in the committee and the Board process.

Highlights from the Oct. 2011 NPFMC Meeting

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council met in Unalaska Sept. 28 - Oct. 4, 2011. In attendance for TAC were E. Larry Gromoff and Clem Tillion. Also attending: Everett Anderson with APICDA, Dave Frasier with AC/DC and Simeon Swetzof, the Mayor of St. Paul.

A few Council members and other interested persons took a Trident-sponsored trip to Akutan on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011. The group toured the plant and met with some locals, including Joe Bereskin, Mayor of Akutan.

The Council dealt with the following issues:

Salmon FMP: Federal law requires the Council to have a fishery management plan (FMP) for all fish in federal waters. The current plan allows the state to manage all salmon. The council wants to maintain the status quo. There were some folks who asked the Council to get involved in Cook Inlet salmon issues. They complained that the state was letting too many fish up the Kenai River, thereby denying the commercial fishermen revenue.

Groundfish Harvest Specifications: The Council made preliminary recommendations for harvest levels in October. The groundfish plan team will meet in November after receiving the stock assessment information and will then give their recommendations to the Council. The Council will make final recommendations at the December 2011 meeting.

Crab: Pribilof blue king crab stocks are severely depleted, and the Council is required by law to come up with a rebuilding plan. The proposed plans include more restrictions on fishing in the area, although even with the proposed restrictions, the stocks are not expected to adequately rebuild. Bristol Bay red king crab quota will be about half of last year, while the opines are significantly up. Crab harvest levels are set by the State of Alaska.

Observer Program: The new, restructured obeserver program is still on schedule to begin in Jan. 2013. Vessels 40' - 60' will now get some coverage, depending on the data requirements of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Halibut: The Council elected to wait until next year to begin efforts to reduce halibut by-catch. Council members could have lowered the prohibited species catch (PC) limits this December during the harvest specification process. Instead, they decided to consider reductions using a regulatory amendment. Bottom line reductions will not happen for 2012 and may be in place in 2013.

Adak: The Council advanced a proposal to allow Adak to become a community quota entity (ICQ). The Council may take final action in December. Allowing Adak to achieve ICQ status gives AC/DC the right to purchase 4B halibut and black cod individual fishing quota (IFQ). The Council temporarily relaxed the residency requirements of the program in order to allow Adak to attract participants interested in leasing the quota from AC/DC. Area 4B halibut IFQ "D" shares must be fished on vessels 35' or less. The Council took no action on a proposal to allow "D" share owners to "fish up" or use a larger vessel. Everett Anderson of APICDA had asked for the "fish up" opportunity. Atka residents own some "D" share halibut and wanted to use larger vessels, citing safety reasons and the fact that years ago, the Council allowed 3B "D" shares to "fish up". The Council decided to take no action and wait to see how the CQE program shakes out. Other developments that bear watching included the renewed operation of the plant in Adak and the improvements to the Atka plant.

Friday, September 16, 2011

AEB's Natural Resources Director & Fisheries Consultant Traveling to Region This Week for Meetings

With so many important fisheries-related meetings coming up, the Aleutians East Borough is scheduling a teleconference at 4 p.m. on Monday, September 19, 2011 so fishermen can meet with the Borough Natural Resources team. Natural Resources Director Ernie Weiss will be in Sand Point for the meeting. AEB Fisheries Consultant Sam Cotten will be in False Pass during the meeting. Borough Clerk/Planner Tina Anderson will be setting up the teleconference to include the AEB office in Sand Point, the King Cove Harbor House, the False Pass City office and the Akutan City building. Discussion items will include:

WASSIP (Sept. 21, 22, 2011)
NPFMC (Sept. 26 - Oct. 4, 2011)
Board of Fisheries (Oct. 6 - 10, 2011)

Ernie will arrive in Sand Point at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. He will stay until his departure the following day at 6:30 p.m. If you'd like to reach him today(Friday, Sept. 16, 2011), his office number in Anchorage is (907) 274-7557. On Sunday and Monday, the best way to reach him would be via email or cell phone. His email is eweiss@aeboro.org. His cell number is (907) 306-9395. He will visit the harbor house and the Borough office while in Sand Point.

Sam will travel to False Pass, Nelson Lagoon and Cold Bay next week (Sept. 19 - 23, 2011). He will be in Cold Bay for about 90 minutes on Monday, Sept. 19th from 12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. He'll be in False Pass from 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 19th until 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20th. Next on his itinerary is Nelson Lagoon. He will be there Tuesday morning, Sept. 20th through Friday morning, Sept. 23rd (until 11:20 a.m.). Any fishermen interested in meeting with Sam while he's visiting those communities should contact him by cell or email. His cell number is (907) 242-1197. His email is samc.er@gci.net.

Log on to aebfish.org for updates on the AEB fisheries meeting and other upcoming meetings.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fish Council Sets 25,000 Cap on Chinook Salmon Bycatch in Gulf Pollock Fishery

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council took final action over the weekend and set a 25,000 cap on Chinook salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska pollock fishery. During deliberations in Nome, the Council considered a range of caps from 15,000 to 30,000.

Before reaching their decision, Council members listened to testimony from the pollock industry, requesting the least restrictive cap. They also heard testimony and received a signed letter from more than 500 fishermen and coastal Alaskans requesting that the Council choose the preferred alternative of 22,500 kings. In the end, the majority of Council members voted in favor of setting a 25,000 limit to provide fishing vessels with more cushion so they would be able to catch the allowable amount of pollock without coming up against the Chinook cap.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Commerce Announces 2011 Regional Fishery Appointments

Appointments Include Returning Members Eric Olson of Alaska and John Henderschedt of Washington

The Commerce Department announced the appointment of 21 new and returning members to the eight regional fishery management councils. The appointments include Eric Olson of Alaska and John Henderschedt of Washington, who are returning to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council for another term.

Click on the title of this post or go to the link below to see the press release:


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June Fisheries Opens to Commercial Salmon Fishing June 7th

The South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June fisheries will open to commercial salmon fishing during the follwing times and dates:

From 6 a.m. Tuesday, June 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, June 10
From 6 a.m. Sunday, June 12 to 10 p.m. Wednesday June 15
From 6 a.m. Friday, June 17 to 10 pm Monday, June 20
From 6 a.m. Wednesday, June 22 to 10 p.m. Saturday, June 25
From 6 a.m. Monday, June 27 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, June 29

The June fishery occurs in the following districts and sections:
Unimak District
Bechevin Bay Section of the Northwestern District
Southwestern District
West and East Pavlof Bay sections of the South Central District
Shumagin Islands Section of the Southeastern District

All closed waters in the above locations will be as described in the regulation book or as adjusted by emergency order.

Subsistence permits for the Alaska Peninsula are available in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game offices in Sand Point, Cold Bay and Port Moller. Subsistence fishermen must obtain a permit and have it in their possession while harvesting salmon under subsistence guildelines.

Salmon fishery announcements will be broadcast on VHF channels 6 and 73 daily at 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and may also be obtained from ADF&G in Sand Point at (907) 383-2334.

Friday, May 27, 2011

ADF&G to Hold Preseason Fishery Stakeholder's Meeting in Sand Point, King Cove

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will be conducting a preseason fishery stakeholder's meeting at the Aleutians East Borough building in Sand Point at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 2, 2011 and at the Harbor House in King Cove at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 3, 2011. The purpose of these meetings is to provide all interested parties an opportunity to discuss the upcoming salmon season with ADF&G staff.

Topics covered will include:

2011 salmon outlook
2011 management strategy
2011 department test fisheries
New ADF&G News Release system
Other topics as time permits

To obtain further information, please contact the Sand Point Fish and Game office at (907) 383-2066.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ADF&G Provides New System for Commercial, Subsistence and Personal Use Fishery News Releases

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is providing a new online system for distributing and subscribing to news releases for commercial fishery openings, closings, fishing areas, times and non-regulatory updates about specific fisheries. This system will also allow users to find announcements about subsistence fisheries and those personal use fisheries managed by the Division of Commercial Fisheries.

From now until May 30, you may preview the new system and subscribe to news releases for specific fisheries. The subscriptions will be activated with the new system on May 31.

During the preview period, there will be a limited number of news releases posted to the new system. Starting on May 31, all fishery news releases and announcements will be available in the new system and subscribers will automatically receive their news releases and announcements via email.

Click on the title of this post to get to the new system, instructions for use and subscription sign up.

News from Aleutia

Aleutia's annual membership meeting will be held tomorrow (Thursday, May 26, 2011) at 7 p.m. at the Aleutians East Borough Building in Sand Point. Those in King Cove, Nelson Lagoon and False Pass can listen in and participate via telephone. Aleutia hopes to arrange for lines to be open at the King Cove Harbor House, the Nelson Lagoon Tribal Office and the False Pass City Office. Seats in Nelson Lagoon and False Pass are up for election. Those who attend in Sand Point will be able to sample Aleutia's new smoked salmon product.

Speaking of Aleutia smoked salmon, the New Sagaya retail store in Anchorage will be featuring this delicious sockeye in their stores soon. Next time you're in New Sagaya, make sure to pick up a 4-ounce package. It's a great way to support the region. Aleutia smoked salmon is now being offered at the Sand Point lounge and will soon be featured in the King Cove bar. Bill Cumberlidge is also overseeing some sales in Sand Point. Give Audrey Foster a call at (907) 383-5909 for information about the meeting or any of Aleutia's programs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Upcoming Fishery Meetings in the Region:

  • The SEDM charter sampling meeting will be held on May 17, 2011.

  • The Federal Fishery Observer Meeting will also be held on May 17, 2011.

  • The CFEC discussion of limited entry into the State Waters Pacific cod fishery and Alaska Peninsula crab fisheries will be held on May 18, 2011.

    All meetings will begin at 2 p.m. and will be held at the Aleutians East Borough offices in Sand Point.

    Dial in instructions will be posted in advance of the meeting.

BOF Deadline: May 16th - Last Day to Submit Proposals for Pacific Cod Fisheries

The Alaska Board of Fisheries is extending the proposal deadline from April 8, 2011 to May 16, 2011 for Pacific cod fishery regulations for the Prince William Sound Area (Registration Area E), Cook Inlet Area (Registration Area H), Kodiak Area (Registration Area K), Chignik Area (Registration Area L) and South Alaska Peninsula Area (Registration Area M). Proposed changes would address coordination of the state-waters and all regulations dealing with Pacific cod fishing seasons with Gulf of Alaska federal sector splits scheduled for implementation in January 2012.

Proposals may be submitted by mail, fax or online. For more information, visit the link below.


BOF Executive Director Retires; New Executive Director Named

Jim Marcotte, the Executive Director of the Alaska Board of Fisheries, begins his retirement in just a couple of days. His last day on the job will be Friday, May 13, 2011. Marcotte has served as Executive Director for the Board of Fisheries since Jan. 4, 2006. Previously, Marcotte served as Executive Director of the Board of Game for two years before his promotion. He started with the Alaska Board Support Section in 1995.

Monica Wellard, Assistant Director for Fish & Game - Sport Fish, will soon fill his shoes as the new Executive Director for the Board of Fisheries. Wellard will take the helm on Monday, May 16, 2011.

Federal Subsistence Board Asks for Lower Gulf Salmon Bycatch

The Federal Subsistence Board announced last week that it's recommending the North Pacific Fishery Management Council significantly decrease the salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea pollock fisheries. The Board voted at its May 3 - 4, 2011 meeting in Anchorage to propose a hard cap of 15,000 Chinook caught as bycatch in the Gulf, and a hard cap of 50,000 chum salmon in the Bering Sea pollock fishery.

During its April meeting, the Council adopted a preliminary preferred alternative of a prohibited species catch limit of 22,500 Chinook salmon for the western and central Gulf of Alaska pollock fisheries. The Council is scheduled to take final action on king salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska groundfish fishery during its June meeting in Nome. The Council will take final action on Bering Sea bycatch of chum salmon at its December meeting in Anchorage.

The Board also agreed with a federal recommendation that two subsistence suers be added to its membership. For more information, visit the links below:



Saturday, March 26, 2011

AK Board of Fisheries - King and Tanner Crab, and Supplemental Issues - List of Actions Taken

List of Actions Taken on 3/26/11:

Proposal #89 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Establish weather delay criteria for opening the Chignik District Tanner crab fishery.
Proposal #307 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Reduce the minimum size for Bering Sea Tanner crab.
Proposal #308 - Motion Carried as Amended - Vote: 7 to 0 - Limit the size of subsistence crab pots from June - October.
Proposal #309 - Motion Carried - Vote: 6 to 1 - Modify Alaska Peninsula Area king and South Peninsula District Tanner crab pot limits.
Proposal #310 - No Action - Modify Alaska Peninsula Area king crab pot limits.
Proposal #315 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Clarify restriction on use of sport, personal or subsistence caught shellfish by owner, operator, or employee of a lodge, charter vessel, or other enterprise that furnishes.
Proposal #316 - Motion Failed - Vote: 0 to 7 - Allow for a January 15 crab season in Cook Inlet.
Proposal #317 - Motion Failed - Vote: 0 to 7 - Amend season dates for Tanner crab.
Proposal #318 - Motion Carried - Vote: 6 to 1 - Allow a three-person gear limit for Tanner crab per vessel.
Proposal #319 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Repeal personal use regulations for taking crab in the Kodiak Area.
Proposal #320 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Repeal personal use regulations for taking crab in the Kodiak Area.
Proposal #333 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Clarify regulation on terminating a joint operation of dual permits in the Bristol Bay.

AK Board of Fisheries - King and Tanner Crab, and Supplemental Issues - List of Actions Taken

List of Actions Taken on 3/25/11

Proposal #299 - Motion Failed - In the Aleutian Islands golden king crab fishery, allow fishery to extend beyond May 15 if total allowable catch not achieved.
Proposal #300 - Motion Carried - Vote: 6 to 1 - In the Aleutian Islands golden king crab fishery, increase the biodegradable twine requirement to 90 thread.
Proposal #301 - Motion Failed - Vote: 0 to 7 - Change boundary in the Bering Sea District Tanner crab fishery.
Proposal #302 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Amend onboard observer standards.
Proposal #303 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Amend onboard observer standards.
Proposal #304 - Motion Carried - Vote: 7 to 0 - Modify preaseason pot storage criteria in the Eastern Aleutian District Tanner crab fishery.
Proposal #305 - No Action - Change fishing season for St. Matthew Island blue king crab fishery (withdrawn by author).
Proposal #306 - Motion Failed - Vote: 0 to 7 - Escape mechanism for king crab pots in Norton Sounds.
Proposal #311 - Motion Failed - Establish an Alaska Peninsula Community Harvest Area in the Bering Sea for king and Tanner crab, and establish community subsistence harvest permit conditions.
Proposal #312 - No Action - Modify Alaska Peninsula-Aleutian Islands king and Tanner crab subsistence bag and possession regulations to accommodate Community Harvest Permit.
Proposal #313 - No Action - Modify king and Tanner crab subsistence customary and traditional use findings for Alaska Peninsula-Aleutian Islands Area.
Proposal #314 - No Action - Modify statewide shellfish subsistence proxy methods for Community Harvest Permit.
Proposal A - Motion Carried - Vote: 5 to 2 - Steller sea lion measures in Aleutian Islands parallel Pacific cod fishery. (Proposal A was adopted as an emergency regulation by the board on January 19, 2011, and it expressed its intent to make the regulation permanent. The board scheduled public comment on the regulation at this meeting.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

BOF Meeting Scheduled March 22nd - 26th at Anchorage Hilton Hotel

The Alaska Board of Fisheries (BOF) is scheduled to meet at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel March 22 - 26, 2011 to discuss king and tanner crab statewide, except Southeast/Yakutat and supplemental issues.

Click on the title of this blog post to access the BOF link to meeting information.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reminder: Council Plans to Adopt Preliminary Preferred Alternative on Chinook Salmon Bycatch Restrictions at Next Meeting

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is scheduled to adopt a preliminary preferred alternative on chinook salmon bycatch restrictions governing the Gulf pollock trawl fleet at its next meeting (March 30 - April 5, 2011) in Anchorage. This may be the last opportunity local fishermen will have to work on the chinook bycatch measures for the Western Gulf of Alaska pollock fishery.

Last week, Aleutians East Borough Mayor Stanley Mack sent a letter to the Council, requesting that the Council take more time to develop regulations addressing chinook bycatch in the GOA pollock fishery so local fishermen, who will be most affected, can participate in the process (Click on title of this blog posting to see letter in Fish News).

Click on the links below for the Council agenda and the GOA Chinook salmon bycatch motion.



Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 South Alaska Peninsula Area State-Waters P. Cod Season Opening Delayed

Emergency Order Number 40GF-07-11

According to the Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G), the South Alaska Peninsula Area state-waters Pacific cod season opening will be delayed for 24 hours until 12 p.m. (Noon) on Friday, Feb. 25, 2011 because of severe weather conditions. The National Weather Service (NWS) marine weather 48-hour forecast issued at 4 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011 for Area 155 contained gale warnings.

If the NWS Area 155 marine weather 48-hour forecast issued at 4 a.m., February 25, contains gale warnings, the season will be delayed for an additinal 24 hours. Season opening delays may continue on a rolling basis for 7 days beyond the initial opening date.

ADF&G will manage the 2011 South Peninsula Area state-waters Pacific cod fishery based on in-season reports from fishery participants. Reports will be taken daily, starting at 9 a.m. by Matrix dispatch (7894), phone (907) 486-1840 or email: mark.stichert@alaska.gov .

For further details, contact the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in Kodiak at (907) 486-1840.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aleutian Islands Dist. 2011 State-Waters P. Cod GHL Announced

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the guideline harvest level (GHL) for the 2011 Aleutian Islands District state-waters Pacific cod season is 15,542,430 pounds. The GHL will be apportioned so that a maximum of 70% is available prior to June 10 (A season), and 30% plus any unharvested amount from the A season is available beginning June 10 (B season). The state-waters season will take place inside state waters of the Aleutian Islands District west of 170 degrees W longitude.

GHL (pounds)

A Season prior to June 10: 10,879,701

B Season beginning on June 10: 4,662,729

Total: 15,542,430

The state-waters Pacific cod season in the Aleutian Islands District will open, as announced in a subsequent news release, four days after the closure of the initial parallel catcher-vessel trawl season for Pacific cod in the federal Bering Sea-Aleutian Islands Area. The parallel Pacific cod season is closed in the Aleutian Islands west of 170 degrees W long. during the state-waters Pacific cod season. Fishermen should note that the management plan provides for the parallel season to be opened, and the state-waters season closed, on April 1 and September 1.

The daily harvest limit of Pacific cod in the state-waters season for each vessel is 150,000 pounds round weight, with a maximum of 150,000 pounds of unprocessed Pacific cod on board the vessel at any time.

For more information, click on the headline of this blog post.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NMFS Extends Comment Period on Proposed Fishing Restrictions in Far Western Aleutian Islands

Comment Period for Western Steller Sea Lions Protection Measure Rule Pushed Back 45 Days

NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service is extending the comment period for the interim final rule to reduce commercial fishing for groundfish stocks in the far western Aleutian Islands. The original public comment period for the interim final rule ends tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011). Today, NMFS filed a notice with the Federal Register to extend the public comment period for an additional 45 days to February 28, 2011.

NMFS claims the fishing restrictions in the far western Aleutian Islands are necessary to protect food sources for endangered Steller sea lions. However, Governor Parnell and a number of commercial fishing groups say NOAA's response is too drastic and that the agency's conclusion isn't supported by the best available scientific information. The State of Alaska filed a lawsuit last month in an attempt to stop NMFS from implementing the restrictions. Earlier this month, several commercial fishing groups also filed suit.

The original comment period occurred over the holiday season, limiting the number of work days available to the public for developing a response to this action. Various stakeholders and members of the public requested more time, so NOAA's Fisheries Service filed for the extension.

For more details, click on the headline of this post to see the press release.

Monday, January 3, 2011

South AK Peninsula Area Tanner Crab & State Waters P. Cod Preseason Stakeholders' Meeting To Be Held in King Cove

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will host a preseason commercial shellfish stakeholders' meeting on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 10 a.m. at the Harbor House in King Cove. The purpose of this meeting is to provide commercial stakeholders an opportunity to discuss the 2011 South Alaska Peninsula Area Tanner crab and state waters Pacific cod fisheries with ADF&G management staff. This meeting is open to the public and all interested parties are encouraged to attend. Sand Point residents may participate by teleconference at the Borough Building. False Pass residents may participate by teleconference at the City Office.

Topics to be covered include:

  • 2011 Tanner crab and Pacific cod guideline harvest levels (GHLs)

  • Commercial shellfish and groundfish fishing regulations

  • ADF&G management strategies

  • In-season catch reporting and dockside sampling

  • Statewide king and Tanner crab Board of Fisheries proposals

  • Other shellfish or groundfish issues as time permits

For additional information, please contact March Stichert with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Kodiak at (907) 486-1840.