Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fish Council Sets 25,000 Cap on Chinook Salmon Bycatch in Gulf Pollock Fishery

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council took final action over the weekend and set a 25,000 cap on Chinook salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska pollock fishery. During deliberations in Nome, the Council considered a range of caps from 15,000 to 30,000.

Before reaching their decision, Council members listened to testimony from the pollock industry, requesting the least restrictive cap. They also heard testimony and received a signed letter from more than 500 fishermen and coastal Alaskans requesting that the Council choose the preferred alternative of 22,500 kings. In the end, the majority of Council members voted in favor of setting a 25,000 limit to provide fishing vessels with more cushion so they would be able to catch the allowable amount of pollock without coming up against the Chinook cap.


  1. 0 cap would be the better alternative because they get to fish much longer and it affects the ecosystem of all marine life they get into contact with. In RIVER management will never work until all migratory routes are included in the NPFMC decisions that affect all users. Mostly those that have relied on the healthy return of all ANADRAMOUS fish that spend the MAJORITY of their life out in the sea and are being caught in all stages of their life in the SEA OR OCEANS. We all need to get together and help each other out to make proposals to close as much of the River Deltas by adding more MARINE PROTECTED AREAS, ESSENTIAL FISH HABITATS, CONSERVATION AREAS ETC.

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