Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Alaska Marine Forecast format - options change

Marine weather forecasts are critical to the livelihoods of fishermen in the Aleutians East Borough. Lives of families in our communities can depend on knowing the forecast, particularly the marine forecast including the wind direction and speed. If you watch the 'Alaska Weather' TV show on channel 9 in one of our communities, you know that the last 5 minutes of the program, after the aviation weather and the 'segment', is the all important part of the broadcast - marine weather.
The internet is now the quickest way to get updated forecasts, but it came as a shock to some residents when previous links to find the NOAA Alaska Region marine weather forecasts on the web no longer worked. Alaska Region has made changes to the weather site.
The good news - there are now more choices than before to view the marine forecast:
All of these options can also be found on the AEB Natural Resources Department page - www.aebfish.org.


  1. Good..The new format sucks, I don't want some crappy google style marine weather forecast. What NOAA changed to, will get people killed out there.

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