Friday, July 13, 2018

Another emergency petition aimed at South Peninsula fishermen - this time from CRAA

The Alaska Board of Fisheries meets at the Egan Center July 17th to decide six emergency petitions.  Three of these petitions propose to shut down the South Alaska Peninsula salmon fisheries. You can read all of the petitions including from the BBNA, the Chignik AC and the Chignik Regional Aquaculture Association that would close down the Area M South Peninsula fisheries, at this link.
You can submit comments at the Board of Fish website by clicking the 'Comment on Emergency petitions' button and writing your comment to the Board. The deadline to submit comments for the emergency petitions meeting has been extended until July 16th. There will be no opportunity for public comment at the July 17th meeting. You can find the fifth revised meeting notice here.

There is a regular Board meeting scheduled in February to discuss Chignik and South Peninsula salmon fisheries. The Board should deny the BBNA and Chignik petitions and address the concerns at the upcoming February 2019 Board meeting.

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  1. I'm the brother of one of the fisherman that would be told to pack up and go home if the South Alaska Peninsula salmon fisheries were closed. Seems unfair that the area would then be fished by fisherman from an area that was mismanaged. Where's the fairness in that? A lot of money and time is invested in getting a boat and crew out there every season in the hopes of making a profit. Please be fair to the men and women who's livelihood and families livelihood would be negatively affected by a ruling to close the South Alaska Peninsula salmon fisheries. Thank you.