Thursday, June 27, 2019

Natural Resources Assistant Director to travel to Sand Point

Aleutians East Borough Natural Resources Assistant Director Charlotte Levy will travel to Sand Point Alaska  to observe the ADF&G Shumagin Islands Section immature salmon test fishery scheduled for July 3rd. Charlotte also plans to be at the AEB Sand Point office for the Special Assembly meeting scheduled for July 2nd. Charlotte looks forward to talking with residents about fisheries and other Borough natural resources while in Sand Point.

From the South Alaska Peninsula Commercial Salmon Management Strategy, 2019; Regional Information Report No. 4K19-08:
"Immature Test Fishery
In order to assess the abundance of immature salmon and reduce incidental harvest ADF&G will conduct a purse seine test fishery in the Shumagin Islands Section in early July, before the post-June fishery begins. If 100 or more immature salmon, per set, are present, the commercial fishery will be closed to purse seine gear in an area to be determined by ADF&G (5 AAC 09.366(i)). For the purpose of this management plan, “immature salmon, per set, are present” is defined as the number of Chinook O. tshawytscha, sockeye, coho, and chum salmon that are observed to be gilled in the seine web (5 AAC 09.366(i)). Test fishing is standardized to purse seine gear, conducting two 20-minute sets at Popof Head, Middle Set, and Red Bluff located on Popof Island. The commercial fishery may be constrained based on the abundance of immature salmon observed during the test fishery. Gillnet gear is permitted to fish in these areas during the presence of immature salmon because the larger mesh size permits immature salmon to pass through the nets."

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