Friday, August 9, 2019

2016 GOA Pink Salmon Disaster Funds Update

On Monday August 5th, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) updated the published information related to the process to disperse fishery disaster funds for the 2016 Gulf of Alaska Pink Salmon Season.

PSMFC expects to send applications to impacted Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) Limited Entry Salmon Permit holders and impacted processors by mid-August. These applications will be due back to PSMFC by October 31. Payments are expected to be sent out 6-8 weeks after the application period. 

CFEC limited entry permit holders that meet the following criteria will be eligible for a payment:

  • Must have held a CFEC permit card for salmon in 2016
  • Must have fished for pink salmon  in 2016,
  • CFEC permit holders in the South Alaska Peninsula area must have documented ADF&G fish ticket landings equal to or greater than 1,000 pounds of pink salmon landed in 2016.
  • Must have a demonstrated loss of 2016 pink salmon ex-vessel revenue compared to their average pink salmon ex-vessel value during the most recent five even years from 2006 through 2014 as calculated from ADF&G and CFEC landings and value data.

Crew members for the 2016 salmon fishery identified as fishing crew by an eligible permit holder will be eligible for payment if the permit holder is eligible to receive a disaster payment. Disaster payment applications will be sent to eligible crew members after October 31, 2019. The application deadline for crew members will be January 31, 2020.

 A total of $1.7 million will be available for payments to impacted South Peninsula fishermen. Details can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions document posted on the PSMFC website Fishery Disaster Programs page.

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