Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ADF&G Releases Trawl Survey of Crab and Groundfish (Kodiak, Chignik, South Peninsula & Eastern Aleutian management Districts)

ADF&G conducted a bottom trawl survey during 2011, focusing on inshore waters around Kodiak Island, along the Alaska Peninsula from Cape Douglas to False Pass, and in the Eastern Aleutian Islands from Akutan to Unalaska Island. This recently-released report summarizes the bottom trawl survey to assess crab and groundfish resources in the Kodiak, Chignik, South Peninsula, and Eastern Aleutian management districts conducted from June through September 2011. Trawl tows were assessed for species catch composition, population estimates of commercially important crabs, and density estimates of commercially important groundfish. The estimated Tanner crab Chionoecetes bairdi abundance was above the minimum population threshold required by regulation to consider a fishery opening in the Eastside, Southeast, and Southwest sections of the Kodiak District. Tanner crab abundance was also above the minimum required by regulation to consider a fishery opening in the Eastern and Western sections of the South Peninsula District and the Chignik District. Red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus population estimates in each of the surveyed registration areas remain too low to consider opening the red king crab commercial fishery. Flathead sole Hippoglossoides elassodon, arrowtooth flounder Atheresthes stomias, and walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramma dominated the groundfish catch in all of the areas surveyed.

Visit the link below to view the full report.


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