Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Info on Port Moller Test Fishery Indicies Available on ADF&G Website

AEB Fish Blog recently received a question from Linda Ralston who asked whether there is a Website containing curent information about the Port Moller test fishery indicies. AEB Fish Blog contacted ADF&G Area Management Biologist Bob Murphy in Port Moller. He said the Website to go to is: or click on the headline/title of this blog, and that will take you to the Website. There is a Port Moller link beneath the title: Bristol Bay Inseason Salmon Reports on the right side. It contains daily and cumulative indicies. Any other questions regarding the Port Moller fishery indicies should be directed to:

Bob Murphy
ADF&G Area Management Biologist
Port Moller, AK
Phone: (907) 375-2716

Thank you for your question, Linda.

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